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The simple way
  into modelling

Have you noticed that there are some girls who just seem to have access to unlimited professional photoshoots, and wondered how on earth they're doing that?

It's pretty simple, really - they're the ones who have developed great reputations with a whole bunch of industry contacts. They're the girls who get the paid work, and the ones who are always getting free shoots from top professionals as well. So how do YOU get there?

You want to "get into modelling", but it's a little tricky to know where to start. You can easily end up wasting time getting sucked into second-rate photoshoots, having your time wasted by people who can't help you, and getting trapped in binding contracts with agencies that don't find you any work.

But if you're smart about it, you can avoid all the above pitfalls - by developing your ability, and building up your contacts. Then you'll have the reputation and the connections to be able to make better choices about who to work with, and be able to get into better projects right from the start.

Here's what you're going to need:

  1. Confidence - you need to get some experience working in professional shoots.
  2. Contacts - you've got to start meeting real industry professionals.
  3. Portfolio - you need a whole set of great professional-level images that will make people take notice of you.
So - let's make a plan to make it happen.

How to become a capable model - building your ability

Being a model isn't just about being beautiful. It's a whole lot more to do with being a confident professional, with a good reputation, who is comfortable in a photoshoot. That comes very quickly with just a little high-level experience and the right advice. Working with amateur photographers on low-level shoots for free can work, but it's a very slow and frustrating way to get there. What you really need is a way to skip right to working on great quality projects with top professionals.

Building your modelling career

The fashion industry is all about who you know (and who knows you!). That means that meeting people is critical, and the best way to meet people is to get involved in more shoots, where you can meet other professionals like photographers, makeup artists, agents and designers, and pretty soon you'll be in the loop, and you'll know exactly what you want and how to get there.

Social media

Of course, part of being known and building your network is building up your social media profile. Not just racking up numbers, but getting the right attention from the right circles, and that means impressing people with the right type of images, and swapping tags with industry professionals to build your online network.

Model development at River Road Studios

So, we've created a way that you can do all these things, without signing your life away. River Road Studio's Model Development Programme (MDP) is a series of five weekly photoshoot nights, with two themes shot on each of the five nights.

It's designed as a simple way to get some great experience in photoshoots with real industry professionals, where you'll be able to practice and learn in a relaxed, supportive and fun environment, meet other models, makeup artists and so on, and quickly become really confident in front of the camera. Plus you'll get a steady supply of great images to share online. You'll be surrounded by people who can answer all your questions about the industry, and give you great advice on how to achieve your goals. And it's a lot of fun.

Each week we create a new makeup look for you, and shoot two new photoshoot themes - always something creative and different. By the end of the five week course, you'll have done ten different shoots over five photoshoot nights, and you'll be feeling way more confident about your modelling, and way more in the loop. Once you've completed the course, you'll also have access to special photoshoot offers and remain on our casting list for future projects at the studio as well.

We don't make false promises about giving you special pathways into model agencies, but you will definitely become known to a lot of people working in the fashion industry in Perth, plus you'll have a killer portfolio and lots of new contacts to go to for advice. We can assist you by providing a safe environment, and guidance on how to develop your career beyond the course.

Getting started

MDP runs every week (choose from Wednesday or Thursday nights) at River Road Studios, and you can start your five week course any week you want - we run on a five week cycle so that whichever week you start, you can be sure of a well-rounded portfolio by the end of your five weeks. Also - if you can't make one of your shoots for any reason, you can easily make it up on a future date.

The total price of the course is $995.00, which can be paid upfront, or gradually over the run of the course. This price includes five photoshoot nights and twenty edited images provided to you from your shoots, with four images delivered to you within seven days of each shoot.

Ready to get started?

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